General Cleaning Products

Liquid Soft Soap
EG001 - Liquid Soft Soap

It is sold in 1 kg and economic package as 5 kg. Including white soap.

Wood Surface Cleaner
EG002 - Wood Surface Cleaner

Using for wooden, hardwood, laminate surface cleaning. It is sold in 1 kg package as Lavender and Ocean fragrance. Safely using for cleaning and protection for wooden areas. While it affects polishing and shining surfaces, it removes microbes.

Surface Cleaner
EG003 - Surface Cleaner

Alcohol-free formulation is using for light dirties on surface.It spreads flower scent while creating lasting freshness. Using for wooden and hard surfaces. It gives shinny look on surfaces.

Ultra Bleach
EG004 - Ultra Bleach

It is sold in 750 ml,1 kg and 4 kg packages. It provides hygiene on kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. It affects on tough dirts. Losting vitality washbasins will turned more whiter and more bright.

General Cleaner
EG005 - General Cleaner

It is sold in 750 ml package. It affects on seat, console, carpet, curtain and fabric areas. It cleans on tough oil stains perfect. Also it could use cleaning for cooker hood, oven and countertops. Having fluid consistence with effective formula implements hygene and freshness. It removes all the rust stain. The fragrance is not disturbing, including lasting, light and modest scent. Anti-allergic formula is great chocie for sensitive skin. Foaming ability is high enough to using on washing machine for cleaning your tulle curtain.